Front-End Developer (React) for fintech project

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Компания Codemotion
Тип Удаленная работа
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Project Details 😎:

A startup will be the first provider of non-cash settlement services for invoices in the region. The company hopes to start the new era in processes among small, medium, and large enterprises to reduce the expenses on financial flows and transactions in companies by supporting fast and efficient invoicing that is registered in the portal. The goal is to provide its new and innovative cashless settlement methodology for invoices globally by registering as an authorized service provider or customer. The goal is to provide corporate customers with a cloud-based account management solution. Facilitating settlements on accounts and reducing cash flow to minimize transaction fees. Instead of using various ERP systems to generate and receive invoices, corporations will use one common tool that will be synchronized.

Wanna be a part of our story as a React Engineer?

Here we go...

Expertise from your side 👈:

• 4+ years of successful web development experience

• Excellent programming skills, native JS knowledge

• Proficient in using modern Javascript (ES6+ or Typescript)

• Experience developing with modern JS frameworks: React (Redux/mobx/rx) etc

• Good knowledge of React and the respective concepts (virtual dom pro/con, react hooks, etc.)

• Software Design knowledge: OOD, SoA, Design patterns

• Experience with Git

• Familiar with build/bundling tools such as webpack

• English communication skills

Would be great 😻 :

• Experience with server-side development with Node.js

• Good experience to use Docker and CI/CD pipeline

• Automated tests for react components (puppeteer, cypress.io, chai, mocha, jest, ava)

• WebSockets, real-time apps

• Good understanding and practical knowledge of continuous integration/delivery methods

• Experience in a remote SCRUM team involving all the rituals — daily meetings, groomings, plannings, etc

If you’re in, we gladly offer you 🖖:

• Flexible schedule, remote work — your time is a value for us

• We’re really into work-life balance

• A great possibility to lead different web&mobile projects in Fintech, Logistics and Startup domains

• English courses with a native speaker

• Internal/external training and conferences and time for self-education

• Zero bureaucracy, no micromanagement — you can always deal with our CEO

If you are tired of being a pawn in a system, join us and become a part of our Codemotion Human-to-Human Family!