Full Stack JavaScript Developer (TypeScript, React, Node.js)

Данная вакансия не актуальна.
Fortylines IO
Компания Fortylines IO
Тип Удаленная работа
Описание вакансии

Requirements for a candidate:

- Experience in Front-End (HTML, CSS, JavaScript);

- Experience in React;

- Experience in TypeScript;

- Experience in NodeJS;

- Ability to use GIT;

- Ability to work in flexible development methodologies;

- Good knowledge of algorithms and data structures;

- Skills of system development;

- Interest in Blockchain.

Would be an advantage:

- Work experience with React Hooks, React Context и React Suspense;

- Knowledge of FP, FRP;

- Ability to immerse deeply in new technology;

- Knowledge of English at the level of Intermediate / Upper-intermediate.

- Strong knowledge of blockchain, cryptocurrency ecosystems;

- Rich technical understanding of how blockchain works.


• Exchange of knowledge with colleagues in the Kyrgyz Republic, as well as in foreign countries

• A community of great industry professionals

• Best career opportunities

• Unlimited access to educational materials

• Friendly staff and pleasant working atmosphere.

TG: @fortysales

email: [email protected]