React Native Engineer

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Компания Playhouse US
Тип Удаленная работа
Описание вакансии

Playhouse US-based startup is hiring for a remote ReactNative Engineer

Playhouse is hiring a ReactNative engineer to build the next-generation platform for real estate discovery. Our solution is video-driven (TikTok-like), entertaining, and geared towards the next generation of home buyers.

We're looking for a fantastic mutual fit that can develop into a long-term working relationship.

You will be instrumental in bringing our first product to market and establishing the foundation for its future growth. Our team is a fully distributed team, but we do require the ability to work in the Pacific timezone.

Your responsibilities 💪

* Build video-rich customer-facing applications for web & mobile using React, React Native, and GraphQL. The closest example would be TikTok (vertical video feed, property pages, messaging, etc). See here for a visual reference.

* Work hand in hand with our technical CEO and other teammates to prioritize and execute our product roadmap.

* Help establish best practices (frameworks, testing, CI, code reviews, etc) to lay the foundation for a high-performing technology team and its culture.

* Deliver robust, scalable, and well-tested code.

Our TechStack:






Salary: $1500 - $3500

You may share your CV by telegram: @klivenkoyana or by email to [email protected]

P.S. we are open to fresh ideas that help us go faster!