Senior Flutter Developer

Данная вакансия не актуальна.
Компания StairwaySoft
Тип Удаленная работа
Описание вакансии

Позиция: Senior Mobile (Flutter) Developer

Компания: StairwaySoft (Израильско-Украинская компания)


7-9 years in mobile development (Android and iOS. Good knowledge of Windows and MAC)

At least 2-3 years in Flutter


Position Description:

We are developing a consumer backup application, based on Giraffic's proprietary distributed blockchain storage technology

A distributed storage system and applications (Windows, MAC, IOS and Android) which provides end-users an automatic and slick online backup application, based on robust and secure P2P architecture.


In a nutshell: "a Dropbox like experience, at a fraction the cost, complete user privacy", or alternatively: "The Airbnb of Storage".


Privacy: No data is stored in data centers or centralized servers, but rather "slices" of files are encrypted by a key only the user has access to, distributed, stored and managed on hard disks of the users themselves.

The system includes comprehensive FEC encoding (Reed Solomon), Encryption, data distribution/seeding , a GUI for Windows, MAC, IOS and Android, and a server side management system and administration portal.


The architecture resembles certain Blockchain storage projects, however - we are targeting simple end consumers, not developer community - so it is much more robust and user friendly.

Also, since we already developed the entire storage infrastructure and data delivery protocol (UDP), and it has already been operational with millions of end users (for different use case/application - Video CDN) - the technology is already proven in the market and very robust.


Our team will have access to one of the most robust, scalable and proven P2P storage and UDP based data delivery protocols, and working with expert engineers of network protocols, GUI, cryptography and infrastructure.


The core in the client is developed in C++, including the use of cross platform open source framework ACE, and GUI is based on Flutter.

The server side management modules are based on Java, Python, and PhP, with databases and REDIS and Cassandra.


Required skills:

7-9 years in mobile development (Android and iOS. Good knowledge of Windows and MAC)

At least 2-3 years in Flutter 

Strong knowledge/understanding of networking , knowledge of OS requirements. Services, background operations, working with OS file system.

Isolates -must

GUI -must

Cross platform(Android \ iOS)


Understanding of integration with c++ libraries for Flutter application - an advantage

knowledge in C++ - an advantage

networking - an advantage