Senior Fullstack Engineer (Java+Scala)

Данная вакансия не актуальна.
Компания Lockular
Тип Удаленная работа
Описание вакансии

Salary: $4500-$5000 gross

Company: Lockular, lockular.com (Manchester, UK)

Employment: B2B, remote, full-time

Contact: @kolycheva_n 

We are Lockular. We are a company specializing in security systems and protecting important and sensitive data, ultra-secure storage, we are developing a special data access protocol that cannot be bypassed and hacked, because Blockchain is responsible for access control and auditing, including the cryptographic division of data into fragments stored in different geographical regions from several cloud providers. Our solutions are used in many industries: for example, in the energy sector for telemetry security; in the computer chip industry and financial security.


You will develop algorithms for our security protocol using Java and Scala as its main programming languages, abstracting project specifics from common storage and access control mechanisms, apply your knowledge of elliptic curve mathematics, immerse yourself in the study and application of the latest blockchain technologies with using modern approaches to the software development process. Our CEO Gary Mawdsley can tell you more about the technical part and the tasks to be solved.

Spoken English will be enough, accent and grammatical errors are not terrible, but it is important to be able to correctly convey your thoughts on the call.

🚀 Stack

Java/Scala, SQL, JavaScript, TypeScript, Node.js, MS SQL

🎯 Requirements


– From 5 years of experience in the main stack

– Good understanding of Java and Scala

– Good mathematical background, preferably in universal algebra, logic or closely related fields. Experience and confidence in implementing complex mathematical algorithms.

– Good command of English both spoken and written

– Good practical knowledge of Linux

– Github know-how

Will be a plus:

JavaScript, Typescript, HTML, CSS

– Node.js, C/C++

– MS SQL, Azure SQL

– MS Azure


– Jenkins, Ansible, Docker, Kubernetes

– Ethereum, Polkadot blockchains

– Knowledge or/and practical experience in cryptography and security protocols

– Basic understanding of TCP, HTTP, Web services