Senior Python Engineer

Данная вакансия не актуальна.
Компания Zhibek Tech
Тип Удаленная работа
Описание вакансии

Job Description

Build web applications for large international companies. Your role will focus on our applications built in Python. You will design and build web services supporting a variety of analytical tools. You will work alongside other backend engineers and with frontend engineers and data scientists.

Initially, a 6-month contract will be offered with the possibility of a long-term extension. The contract is based on 40 hours of work per week with the requirement to work core hours of 10:00-16:00 UTC+1 Monday-Friday. This is a remote contract involving regular video calls. This role is not compatible with fulfilling other substantial employment in parallel to this contract.

Our Technology

Our web services are built in Python 3.x and hosted in Google Cloud using Cloud Run and App Engine. We use event-driven architecture (Cloud Pub/Sub). Data is persisted internally using Postgres and externally to BigQuery. Scalability is a key consideration for our software. Our deployments are automated with CI/CD pipelines.

Your Role

● Build and maintain API integrations within our web services.

● Build and ship new features and systems, with an emphasis on code quality,

maintainability, readability, and testing.

● Participate in code design and code reviews.

● Write automated tests to ensure the application functionality meets the requirements.

Job Requirements

● Strong understanding of the web development lifecycle.

● Excellent understanding of Python with evidence of substantial commercial experience.

● Strong English communication - both written and verbal.

● Proven experience with cloud hosting and serverless applications.

● Familiarity with event-driven architecture and queues.

● Understanding of TDD methodology and automated testing techniques.

● Bachelor’s degree in computer science, or a related field.