UX/UI Designer in Tableau

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Оклад 40000 - 90000 KGS в месяц
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Join our team of data processing and analysis professionals and gain access to a supportive environment, top-notch working conditions, and international-level expertise in Data Visualization. Dive into unique regional projects and unlock your full potential in the dynamic world of data!

Role Overview:

- Visualizing data in BI Tableau to address company objectives.

- Developing, testing, and implementing effective data visualization methods.

- Collaborating with data users to enhance UX/UI.

- Developing data models for company departments.

- Preparing data for BI (data engineering).



- Bachelor's degree in a relevant field (completed or in progress).

- Experience in data visualization: developing dashboards, graphs, diagrams (portfolio - showcasing developed visualizations is mandatory).

- Proficiency in one or more programming languages (intermediate level or higher).

- Excellent verbal and written communication skills.

- English language proficiency at B1 level or higher.


Preferred Qualifications:

- Experience in graphic design, UI/UX development.

- Experience working with BI Tableau, with works published in Tableau Public.

- Western education background.

- Self-directed learning in data processing and visualization, UX/UI design.

- Commitment to maintaining a healthy lifestyle.



- Opportunities for continuous professional growth.

- Engaging and contemporary tasks.

- Access to the foremost expertise in data processing, storage, and analysis within the country.

- Enjoy a comfortable, eco-friendly office situated in the heart of the city.

- Fully equipped workspace to enhance productivity.

- Complimentary mobile communication services.

- A structured professional development program spanning 2.5 years.


Work Schedule: Monday to Friday, 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM.