OnlySource #3. Building autorization using Flask and Keto

Организатор Андрей Минкин
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The first episode of building this application is available on https://youtu.be/CReotdK0IOY.

In this video of OnlySource show, we going to configure ORY keto for our project and implement a better login flow for our users. 

What we have implemented at this stage:

1. Working page for authenticating users

2. Check if a user is active in Kratos

3. Get an email address to identify a user in keto and check if the user has access to the requested resource (integration with Keto will be in the next episode)

Kratos documentation: https://www.ory.sh/kratos/docs/quickstart

Keto documentation: https://www.ory.sh/keto/docs/

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