DB Manager

Данная вакансия не актуальна.
LLC "BC Card Kyrgyzstan"
Компания LLC "BC Card Kyrgyzstan"
Тип Офис / Бишкек
Описание вакансии

DB Manager


Common information

LLC "BC Card Kyrgyzstan" is a commercial organization.

The main objectives of the organization are the development of payment systems and solutions to reduce transaction costs, increase the share of non-cash payments and digitalization of the payment market of the Kyrgyz Republic.

The main activity is:

  • Supply and installation of POS terminals and digital QR solution;
  • Supply and installation of POS terminals and digital payment devices and solutions,
  • Processing of payment data, including domestic and foreign bankcard.
  • Processing and settlement of Global payment cards (visa, master cards, etc.);
  • Processing of payment data by a payment service provider based on a smartphone.


DB Manager


1. Job description

 - Oracle Database operating & monitoring

 - Development work support to MSP Solution development manager


2. Possessed Skills and Work Experience

 - Oracle DB operating experience 3~4 years and more

 - Oracle OCP Certificate holder preference

 - DB Meta Data & Modeling techniques preferred

 - UNIX based online work experience 2~3 years


3. Additional training

 - MSP Business basic training

 - MSP infrastructure environment training



Position is subject to 3-month probationary period. The position is full time.